Create websites without coding from Google Sheets

Connect to your Google Sheets and publish a website 👇

Create a website using GoogleSheets' data has never been easier.

It's never been easier to build a business of your own:

  • Connect to your Google Sheets
  • Design a site via a Drag-n-drop editor
  • Publish your website

Why Us?

Drag and drop to build your site

By using a page builder, we can clearly separate your design from your Google Sheets data. This makes SiteFast perfect for people who do not want to mix design with data. You control your data in your Google Sheets and make your design from the page builder. It is clean and simple!

Keep your Google Sheets

SiteFast fetches data from your Google Sheets data and you choose what and how you want to display them. You do not have to copy any Google Sheets templates from us unlike some other solutions. We believe that you shall not need to edit any of your Google Sheets structure in order to build a site.

Real-time synchronization

SiteFast keeps the page in sync with your Google Sheets. This means when you modify your Google Sheets data. SiteFast will update its content automatically to keep the data in sync.

Embed your site anywhere

If you are already using Wix, WordPress, Webflow, or any other custom site. You can easily embed your SiteFast page into your existing site using the embed code.


Just a few of the websites made by our users with SiteFast. Have a look, get inspired, and start creating your own!

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