Embed a Google Sheet to a Website

Using SiteFast, you can embed a Google sheet to a website page without writing any code.

Create a site in SiteFast

Click the "+" sign to create a SiteFast page.


Insert a table element to read your Google Sheet data

Drag and drop a table element to your page.


Configure the table element

Configure the table element with your Google Sheets ID and choose the fields you want to display. You can also define pagination, search, and filters for the table.


Copy the embed code

Click the share icon on the top left of the site card:


Copy the embeddable code and we are going to use it next.


Add embed code to the web page

Paste the embed code to the <body> section (before the closing </body> tag) of your website.


That is all. You have successfully embedded a Google Sheet to a web page.