Google Sheets to a website with no-code tool

Google Sheets is an awesome tool for organizing data. The online spreadsheets make data management more accessible and simpler.

How do we use Google Sheets as the database for a website to turn Google Sheets into a website? In this post, we share a few popular no-code tools to convert Google Sheets to a website.


Sheet2Site is a website builder that lets you create your website without writing code using only Google Sheets with pictures, filters, and links.

Sheet2Site's control center is totally in Google Sheets, you customize its look and feel from Google Sheets as well.


SiteFast helps you create websites without coding from Google Sheets data.

SiteFast keeps the design away from your data. This way, your data is clean and easy to manage. SiteFast's drag and drop builder enables non-developers to build any website with ease. You take full control of the website's design, which means it does not use templating methods.


Siteoly is a no-code tool to build websites from Google sheets. Turn your Google sheet data into a working website.

Similar to Sheet2Site, Siteoly uses the template method. It puts everything(data and interface design) into Google Sheets. You control everything from the Google Sheets.


SpreadSimple provides a blazing-fast way to create and manage websites using Google Sheets.

SpreadSimple separates data from design, you can customize the templates' color and some template content from SpreadSimple, the data is read from Google Sheets.


If you have no problem with mixing design with data and want to control a site completely from Google Sheets. Sheet2Site and Siteoly are your choice. If you want to clearly separate your data from your design and take full control of the website design, SiteFast and SpreadSimple are your friends.