How to Add Multiple Columns in Google Sheets

To add multiple columns to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you can use the Insert menu. This menu is located on the top-right corner of the spreadsheet. The first step is to highlight a column header and right-click on it. From there, you can select the option "Insert a new column". You can then choose to insert one column left or right. This will add a new column to the spreadsheet.

There are several ways to add multiple columns to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. The first way is to click on the cell in which you want to add a new column and then highlight the number of columns you'd like. Once you've done this, click OK. If you'd like to add more than one column, repeat these steps. You'll see a new column with a row header.

Another way to add multiple columns to a Google Sheets spreadsheet is to click on a group of cells and choose "Insert multiple columns." This option will automatically insert a column between the first column. This method is useful if you need to insert multiple columns in a single spreadsheet. Just be sure to choose the correct number when you're adding multiple columns. You may need to change the number of columns when modifying the row height.

If you'd like to combine two or more columns in a Google Sheets sheet, you need to make sure that they are separated by apostrophes. You can then combine the columns using the ARRAYFORMULA function. To do this, you can use the "&" operator or "ampersand".