How to Embed Google Sheets into a Website

Why use Google Sheets?

You can use Google Sheets for many purposes, including creating landing pages, collecting surveys, and tracking social media analytics. It's easy to learn, and it can do nearly anything - making it the perfect foundation for your website.

Advantage of Google Sheets is its collaboration capabilities. If a team needs to edit a document, they can collaborate on it without worrying about downloading software and wasting HD space. They can also see what others are editing in real time, saving time and energy. In addition, everyone can edit the same spreadsheet. Just make sure that the users you invite to edit it have the appropriate permissions. This is by default private, but you can also give them access.

How to Embed Google Sheets into a Website

The most straightforward way to embed Google Sheet into a website using an iframe, check out the tutorial here.

However as iframe has its shortcoming such as security reason, you might not want people to see your Google Sheets directly. You can embed a Google Sheet into a website using one of the many no-code spreadsheet-to-site tools available online. With just a few clicks, you can embed a Google Sheet on your website and start analyzing your statistics right away: