How to Make a Google Spreadsheet Editable by Multiple Users

If you want to share a Google Sheet with multiple users, you will need to change its permissions. By changing the access permissions, you will be able to limit who can view, edit, and print the spreadsheet. In addition, you can restrict who can comment or print the sheet. This is especially useful if you want to share a spreadsheet with a group of people. You can change the access permissions for each user in the "Share with people and groups" dialog. You can also make someone the owner of the sheet and set their permissions. This will give them complete control over sharing and editing permissions. They can also delete access if they want to.

Once you've made a spreadsheet editable by multiple users, you can give them edit and view rights to specific ranges and cells. If you want, you can also restrict editing permissions for individual users. Make sure that you assign different permissions for each user to ensure that you're giving each user the proper access. You can also give them the ability to add new users. Make sure that they have a Google account.

You can also make a Google Sheet editable by multiple users by sharing it. You can share a Google Sheet with multiple users, which makes it a great way to collaborate with colleagues. All you need to do is open the spreadsheet you want to share and click on the Share icon. You can then enter the email addresses of the people who can access the document. When sharing it with others, you can choose whether they can view it only or edit and comment on it.