How To Prevent From Copying Your Google Sheet

You may have heard about the option to prevent others from copying your Google Sheet, but do you know how it works? You can use this option to stop people from cloning your spreadsheet, but the disadvantage is that it can take up a lot of time and cause you to lose valuable rows. In order to prevent someone from copying your Google Sheet, you must first open it in the browser and hold the Ctrl key to select multiple rows. Then, you can right click and select 'copy selected rows'. Earlier, the solution to this problem was to paste special values, but this option has become obsolete with Google Sheets' updates.

This option is not as effective as preventing people from copying your sheet, because it will prevent people from editing your spreadsheet without your permission. However, it does prevent someone from copying your sheet when it is protected. To prevent this from happening, you can use a single webapp that hides the logic of the spreadsheet. Then, you can use Ctrl. + Shift+C to forcely copy a protected Google Sheet. Or, you can also copy it by using the 'Copy G Sheet' link.

To prevent someone from copying your spreadsheet, you can set up editing permissions. To set these permissions, go to the sheet's sheet tab. Choose Protect sheet. This feature will prevent someone from copying your Google Sheet if they are the owner. Protected sheets still allow others to view the data, but they can't change it. This feature is also good for keeping your data safe when you don't want someone else to copy it.